Monday, August 17, 2009

To Blog or Not To Blog

This is the debate that we have had amongst ourselves as we are preparing to leave for a three month "sabbatical".  As a side note - we have had some of our more astute friends point out that this is technically not a sabbatical since we are not "taking a break in our careers to learn something that can further our careers".  We choose to call this a sabbatical because 1) we are taking three months away from work to travel in the Mediterranean, 2) this is a period of transition for Nancy from full time to two days a week starting in January, and 3) we do expect to learn something.

Since we are fairly private people and have very little discretionary time, we do not belong to any social networking sites. However, some people have expressed an interest in keeping up with what we are doing and where we are traveling during our sabbatical. Since this is truly an "agenda-less" trip - meaning that we do not know what we will be doing or when we will be doing it -  we decided to try to "leave a trail of crumbs" so people might know where we end up in this adventure. 

The final debate was about which venue would be the best place to leave our "trail of crumbs". Would it be Face Book or a blog site? We decided on the blog because it is open to all, even those who do not have a Face Book page (yes those people do exist - see above). It also makes it totally optional for the potential viewers. If they are interested, they will look it up. There will be no reminders appearing on their computer screens to say that "Tom and Nancy have said something and you should look". 

So here is our first blog. We hope to follow this with more but to be honest, if it is a choice between enjoying the life that God has given us and blogging - the "the trail of crumbs" (blogs) that reflects this trip could become pretty thin at times.