Monday, September 14, 2009

The Plan?

So exactly what is the plan for this three month sabbatical? Actually the overall plan is pretty broad - to visit the Mediterranean area. From this we have determined certain countries that we would like to visit and places within those countries we would like to see as time and our inclination permit.

First where we start in the Med will be determined in some part by the United States Military. As a retired military person, we are allowed to fly on any military aircraft where there is space available. This is know as Space A travel, which we call Space Adventure. We have requested Spain, Italy, Greece and Sicily as our potential arrival location. There are nine countries we would like to visit - Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. So if we land in Spain, we will go counterclockwise around the Med - Spain, Morocco, Egypt, etc. However if we land in Greece, it may be clockwise around the Med. If we land in Italy or Sicily - it could go either way.

We want this to be a "low pressure" trip so we will make reservations and work out the time details as we go. If we find a place we like, we will stay longer. If we don't make it all the way through, we will return next year. The last thing we want this to be is a "marathon" where we return home with a ton of pictures and barely enough energy to get in the door. We plan to move on when we are ready and to sit and relax when we so desire.

Our starting date? We are aiming for October 1st. It may be a day or two earlier depending on possible flights out of Travis AFB.

Our return date? We are going to try to be back before Christmas somewhere in the second week of December or so.

You can now see why we refer to this blog as a "trail of crumbs", because we don't know when and where the next crumb will be dropped.