Wednesday, April 27, 2016


We had some unfinished business with The Way to Finesterre. We had planned to walk into both Finisterre and Muxia after we had completed the Camino Frances on our first pilgrimage in 2014 but we were bombarded with torrential rains when we arrived. We waited a few days to see if the storm would let up (it didn't) and then we made the decision to take the bus.  For a pilgrim with pride issues this can be a hard pill to swallow but we did it because we are pilgrims working on these kinds of pride issues.

We were dressed and ready in our rain gear as we boarded the bus and much to our surprise there was a break in the storm a little over half way there. We quickly asked the bus driver to pull over and he obliged us and we walked in. It was stunning and we had vowed to walk this route in its entirety when we were back this way.

Our next walk was through Portugal and it was challenging for many reasons. Tom had a routine surgery in which he developed an unusual complication. We were not sure if we could even make this walk and he did not get the go ahead until the day we left. It was a hard walk and when we completed it we were met in Santiago again with torrential rains. We would have to save this walk for another time.

The weather along the Via de la Plata was tumultuous. Heat, wind, hail, snow, and  copious amounts of rain. Some days were filled with a little bit of each of these types of weather. We got very good at adapting to the changes quickly. We prayed that if it was sunny when we arrived into Santiago we would finally walk into both Finesterre and Muxia. Our prayers were answered when we arrived with a warm, beautiful, sunny day. We took it as a sign and quickly set out.

 To say it was a stunning walk would be an understatement. Old villages, wooded pathways, gentle hills (mostly), with the promises of a glimpse of a beautiful turquoise blue sea just around the corner. The sun was warm upon our faces and the breeze cool upon our backs. We thought of the Celtic prayer many times during these days and were very appreciative that we were the recipients of such perfect weather.

Finesterre is the place you go to celebrate your accomplishment. It is a fun and festive place where everyone is happy that you have finally arrived. We met up with some people we had loss track of along the way and met some other people we had not seen at all on the trail. There was a parade when we arrived and after we enjoyed the festivities we sat on our balcony overlooking the sea and the two of us celebrated the beauty of this moment.

We received our Fisterana, our certificate that verifies we have made this pilgrimage to Finesterre. It is beautiful and we are glad that we have completed this journey. No regrets and nothing left undone.

So now it is on to Muxia. We are excited to see what lies ahead. We are thinking of you a lot these days. You would love it here.

You are loved. Buen Camino.

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