Thursday, April 28, 2016

On the Road to Muxia

We had decided to alter the number of kilometers we walked each day because, quite frankly, we were getting a little tired after the nearly two months on the trail. We felt it was important to slow down a bit because this was a beautiful area and we wanted to really appreciate it and not just rush and walk through it. It took us a bit longer this way but we have no regrets about this decision.

We stayed in a lovely town called Lires at a beautiful pension. Our host, Paublo was born in this home which has been converted to a lovely restaurant as well as the pension. His mama Leta does all the cooking and it was superb. Beautiful seafood, padron peppers sauteed perfectly, fresh tomatoes, good wine and wonderful bread and cheese. It was heavenly.

In Spain, they celebrate  Mothers Day the first Sunday of May. A walking club from Asturias, Spain was also coming through and so a lot of the wives of the walking club members arrived in Lires to celebrate both Mothers Day and the arrival of their spouses. I had realize a few days ago that I would not be home for Mothers Day and was feeling incredibly homesick. In my limited Spanish and their limited English we managed to have a lovely afternoon eating the wonderful delights Leta had made and drinking wonderful Rioja wine. Leta sat with us for awhile and it almost eased my heart.

In the evening we walked through this lovely small village and met some of the people who make this area their home. We shared hugs and kisses and stories about our children. In the evening Pablo took us for a ride to watch the sunset over the ocean. It was incredibly beautiful and he was so kind to do this for us. It made the evening so very special. In an attempt to catch our breath for a moment, the beauty and kindness of strangers truly took our breath away. We are excited for what is ahead... Muxia tomorrow.

Love and miss you. Buen Camino.

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