Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Life Well Lived

The Via de la Plata was an epic journey. The ever changing scenery captivated us as we passed through the many regions and seasons of Spain. Sevilla, The Extremadura, Castillo de Leon, Galicia, each region presenting us daily with the very best it had to offer and solidifying the love we have for this area. We were challenged  by the off road navigating, the length of our journey, and the significant weather extremes. This of course, was offset by the beauty of the area, our solitude along the way, and the experiences we had and the  people we met. We found it a beautiful experience and it renewed our passion to do it again. It will become one of my favorite stories to tell.

These journeys give me plenty of time to contemplate the innermost workings of my heart, mind, and soul. We received the news a few days after we had left that a dear friend of ours had passed away. While we had known of his illness for quite some time we had hoped he would, again, be waiting for us when we returned home. I know he played a round of golf a day or two before he died and so his wife would say he was doing the things he loved until the very end. I have thought about these words many times over the last several weeks.

We know this time was a gift to us. For me, my days were filled with thankfulness as I throughly enjoyed being exactly where I was. There was great peace and joy to be found in the simplicity of our walk and I thought about the things I want to fill my remaining days. This time is my someday life and I want it to be full of the things that move my heart and bring me peace and joy. It is not complex nor does it require a lot of work, I just have to be receptive to all that is waiting for me. I realize that I have lived a full and busy life filled with family, career, and missionary work, which are fine and noble pursuits but now is my time to be still in Him and wait to see what is ahead. I am excited and know I will not be disappointed in His plans for me. They are full and rich and in that I am certain and most thankful.

One of my all time favorite movies contains a quote I have never forgotten and found myself thinking about on these travels. "...the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these we stay alive for."  I would be foolish to settle for anything less.  

So I think of you as we head home. The anchor on my heart, the foundation of all that I am, and the integral and defining parts of my life well lived.

 You are loved. Buen Camino.

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