Friday, September 9, 2016

A Gentlemen's Walk

One of the most outstanding gifts we receive while on our travels are the friends we make along the way. We met a lovely couple from Pacific Grove while we were walking along the Portuguese Way and to this day they have become one of our favorites. Barbara and Terence Zito are definitely like minded travelers and so when we heard that they were going to the Cotswold in the UK we thought we should check this out. We became enamored by the English countryside (we were also watching Downtown Abby) and we decided that we would branch out try some walks in this area. We love Spain and had a few moments in which we felt as if we were betraying her but decided we could handle the change of venue.

We consulted with a few of our friends in the UK and came up with a list of three walks. The Coast to Coast walk which begins in St Bees on the Irish Sea and ends at the North Sea in Robin Hoods Bay. From there we had planned to walk along Cornwall on the Southwestern coast and then finish up with a walk through the Cotswold. If we were so inclined we might finish up with a short holiday London. 

These are much different walks than our traditional Spanish walks in that we will actually stay in some beautiful old English Victorian homes and small country estates. 'Upon arrival we will be served cream scones and a pot of tea' which I think will make my gentleman of a husband very happy. And, while I may long for a glass of wine, a piece of fresh baked bread, and a good goat cheese drizzled with olive oil, I can think of no better way to begin the celebration of Tom's Diamond Year, the 75th anniversary of his birth in this lovely setting! 

So with his loafers and a sweater vest packed we are off on another adventure. We are currently in South Carolina awaiting a flight eastward. Remembering always that the joy is in the journey...

Cheerio and Buen Camino...You are loved.

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